Monday, December 27, 2010

Staging your home to sell fast! – real estate/home staging

Home staging for better prospects

Your home, your stage! If you’re meaning to sell your house in the Austin area, there is one hot way to do it: home staging.

Just as an actor or actress gets all made up and pampered before going onstage, your home needs that subtle makeover, too, if ever it is to land in the ‘sold’ list. Bringing class and appeal to a different level is the primary purpose for staging your house. Introducing repairs, refurbishing, new furniture or furniture re-arrangement, even a little more landscaping, can add value to the house you are selling. Even if the house is presently vacant, adding a few rented furniture or fixtures can spell the difference: a bare room will definitely look more becoming and more salable with a few highlights.

Highlighting the architectural features can be staged; subtly making over the flaws even. You do not need to hire a decorator for a complete make-over. Besides, if you’re selling, you need to make the appeal hit at the buyer. Neutral furniture arrangements, flexible décor placement, will enable the buyer to better picture himself or his family in the living room or the master bedroom and thus come to a buying decision more easily.

The how and why of it

Home staging makes the sale a quicker process. That’s because the personal touch of the previous owner is neutralized by experts so that a potential buyer is not alienated by the hominess that reflects the character of the previous homeowner.

Having an expert do the home staging makes Austin houses more ‘buyer-friendly’. Your eyes may be too familiar or too used already to the furniture or the décor that it is easy to miss the sorry details. An objective third eye can help you see that moving that sofa to another spot may be more inviting, and discarding that sordid rug may even do wonders to highlighting the wooden floor parquet. Just as you will want a licensed engineer or architect do the planning and building for you, you will want a professional home staging service do the ‘make-up’ and basic ‘make-over’ for your house you want to sell.

With a few hundred dollars worth of investment in professional home staging, you get your money’s worth in terms of quicker sales, less negotiation time, less broker’s fees, even higher sale price. If you are on a tight budget, the home stager can plan and work with you within that budget.

If you need help in home staging in the Austin area

There is an impressive list of home staging companies in the Austin area. With years of proven track record in making sales happen quicker, these home staging companies help you get top dollar for your house. With their own inventory of furniture and fixtures and accessories, a dull room may be transformed into a lively den! A drab kitchen may look like a chef’s dream with a little touch of home staging.

Finding the ideal home staging consultants in the Austin area is easy and they can help you in furniture re-arrangement, appeal highlighting, vignette staging, a little re-decorating, even furniture or artwork rental if need be. Go online or check local Austin real estate associations for a list of professional, reliable home staging services.

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